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Lt Col (Rtd) Mior Nor Badrishah bin Mohamad (RMAF)

Project Aviation, Security, & Defense Advisor

Career History

31 years of work experience in aviation and management – flying commercial aircraft as an airline B737 fleet pilot with Malaysia Airlines Berhad (MAB); leading and carrying out flight operations duties for CAAM; leading and carrying out related aviation inspections and audits for CAAM; administrative AOC operators as Principal Inspector; heading the Approved Training Organisation (ATO) operations for CAAM; leading in drafting and/or updating related CAAM manuals and documents such as Flight Operation Documents (FOD) and Flight Operations Notices (FON); heading and carrying out the examination and licensing of commercial and private category pilots for CAAM.

Being involved in the initial investigation and follow-on matters for MH370 aircraft accident for CAAM; qualified as flight simulator evaluator for CAAM; being responsible for RMAF fighter operations; Commanding RMAF Fighter Squadron, including being Formation Leader of the RMAF MiG29N Aerobatic Team – Smokey Bandits; being an operations officer in Team Project Sukhoi Su-30MKM in Moscow, Russia; being an operational pilot, instructor pilot and pilot examiner for RMAF fighter squadrons and graduated from Air University, the United States Air Force, Alabama.

Skills and Experiences

- Independent Advisor, Global Systèmes Asia Sdn Bhd
- Former B737 Fleet Pilot, MAS
- Former Aviation Inspector, CAAM
- Former RMAF Fighter Commander
- Former Formation Leader Smokey Bandit (MiG29N)
- Former Operations Officer for Sukhoi Su-30MKM

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