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Datuk Salmah Hayati binti Ghazali

Human Capital Growth Advisor

Career History

A retired civil servant, 40 years working for Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA) a government agency and Universiti Kuala Lumpur, a whollyowned university of MARA. Through the years, Datuk Salmah has been blessed with good mentors in the form of MARA past leaders, seniors and colleagues. Their guidance was crucial in helping Datuk Salmah fulfil the requirements of the positions held over the years. Those experiences enabled her to develop the necessary core competencies needed to lead her teams and manage the resources that were put under her care. The expectations of the different outcome deliveries year after year have raised her endurance and creativity in problem-solving, certainly within the perimeter of the expected governance as well as the rules and regulations of the day since MARA is a government agency. As Datuk Salmah journey through her career,

Datuk Salmah has developed her own mentees for them to sharpen their capabilities in Team Leadership, Strategic Planning, Communications, Project Management, Resource Allocation, Operational and Administrative Solutions, Work Process Improvements and others. While developing them, Datuk Salmah was able to enhance her capabilities more in those areas thereby raising her confidence when performing her duties as a MARA and Universiti Kuala Lumpur top management member until her retirement

Skills and Experiences

- Independent Advisor, Global Systèmes Asia Sdn Bhd
- Board Member, UniKL Resources Sdn. Bhd
- Former Board Member, Kolej Polytechnic MARA Sdn Bhd
- Former Board Member, Pelaburan MARA Bhd
- Former Board Member, Asia Aerotechnics Sdn. Bhd
- Former Deputy President, UniKL Sdn Bhd

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