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A BD Hafiz bin A. Bakar

Chief Executive Officer
Global Systèmes Asia Sdn Bhd

Career History

A BD Hafiz A. Bakar is the CEO of Global Systèmes Asia Sdn Bhd. In addition, he is the CEO of Global Exhibitions & Conferences Sdn Bhd and Head of Business Development for the group of companies and as such reports directly to the Executive Chairman.

He has more than 22 years of experience in aerospace, defense, security, and "fintech", including event organiser and waste management. Before joining Global Systèmes Asia, he was Senior Business Development Manager of G4S Plc (Malaysia), a global leading security company, focused on Integrated Electronic Security Systems in Malaysia and he used to involve in some high level security projects at South Korea, Ghana, Kuwait and Maldives.

Specializing in business development and well trained in creating revenue, he contributes his skills to develop new business for the group such as Internet of Things, digitalisation, including defense and drone technologies to all groups of companies members towards IPO and MNC status.

Skills and Experiences

- CEO, Global Systèmes Asia Sdn Bhd
- General Manager JA Secure Sdn Bhd (APAC)
- Former Senior Business Development Manager G4S Plc
- Former Production Manager, Fleming Gulf Plc (Slovakia & APAC)
- Former Operations Manager, World Aerospace Sdn Bhd
- Former Operation Manager, Southern Waste Management Sdn Bhd

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